Lucky is a feature film that is currently being submitted to festivals. Shot on the Blackmagic 4K cinema camera, this wonderful drama centers around a boy named Peter (Gabriel Schreiber) who not only is going through the tumultuous divorce of his parents, but also, faces a group of bullies that refuse to leave him alone.  When Peter finds a stuffed toy that comes to life in his wild imagination, Lucky becomes the best friend he never had, teaching him how to fight, how to be true to himself, and how to love. This is the magical tale of a young boy who learns to stand up for himself.

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Gabriel Schreiber plays Peter Wilson, the bullied boy who must learn to stand up for himself

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Joshua Stinson plays Lucky, the stuffed dog who comes to life before Peter’s eyes and helps him deal with the bullies through humor and a healthy dose of love!

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Bea Schreiber plays Bridget Wilson, Peter’s mom who is in a sticky situation after her husband is accused and vehemently denies sleeping with Rachel, Peter’s babysitter.




Josh Connor plays Charlie Wilson, Peter’s Dad who is a prominent businessman


Rai Quartley plays Rachel, the babysitter who becomes obsessed with Charlie and Peter

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Eric Lauritzen plays Luke, Bridget’s brother who takes the family in after during the separation from her husband

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Logan Stephenson plays Daniel, Peter’s cousin who has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaches Peter some moves to protect him against the bullies.

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Amelia Fischer plays Luna, Peter’s cousin who adds joy to his life with her adoration of Lucky.

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Mason Schreiber plays Aiden Rudolph, the lead bully who hurts Peter

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Savannah Fischer plays Samantha Rudolph, Aiden’s sister who adores Peter

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Drew Moore plays Richard Rudolph, the father of Aiden and Samantha

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TonyBoy Marin plays Tommy, who is buddies with Aiden and also a bully.

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Curtis Whitehurst II plays Dex, a bully who’s buddies with Aiden and Tommy.

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Michael Jude Murphy plays Uncle Bob, Bridget’s other brother from San Francisco who they’re moving up to live near.

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Kotomi Miyashiro plays Riley, Uncle Bob’s daughter


Pavel Tabutov plays Troy, Bridget’s other brother


It’s a dramatic film with a PG13 rating for violence, language and adult situations.


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