An alien race enacts an ancient plan of conquest and begins a full-scale invasion of Earth-after a corrupt leader declares humanity unfit to rule themselves. Humans and aliens must work together to stop the invasion and save mankind. Vanguard is a feature film in development by Bea and Brad Schreiber centered around Will Brown and his family. His nine-year-old son Nick is a half-breed alien, and there are secret orders to destroy him. Will must protect the most precious thing in the world, his son, and at the same time, save humanity.

Vanguard Concept Reel from blinkingdogproductions on Vimeo.

Here are a few new stills from our feature VANGUARD,¬†currently in preproduction. It’s a Visual Effects high concept thrill ride with an emotional story about an alien race living amongst us. Brad is Designing the visuals, and Bea and Brad are Writing and Directing the film together.

We will be casting soon!

ISS_Meet_HyperGate_MainComp (00000)

VG_1010_Earth Surrounded_HYPERGATES_RGB0240 (00000)


VG1004_MAIN_COMP (00075)cc copy

VG1004_MAIN_COMP (00265)

JupiterSurface (00026)cc copy

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