LUCKY – Week Five

We started the week at the park with scene 16. Being a long scene at 6 pages, we knew we had to move quickly to get it shot. The kids were prepared which helped tremendously.

sam002_002_001 sam001 sam002_004_002_001 sherlucky001

eye001 mag001sam002_003_001 propose2 propose001 lucky001 sam002_001 gabe002_001 sam002_002_005_001 lucky002_001gabe001 sam002_004_001

We also shot inserts for a few other scenes with Lucky.

insert002_001 insert001

The time has flown by! We have 3 weeks left of production! With the rain, we had to move a production day in the park. Thankfully, I built several days in just in case we needed them. As soon as production ends, we will begin post. Completing all the effects may take longer because the bubble scene is especially complicated, but it will all be worth the wait!

See Production stills from WEEK SIX.

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