LUCKY – Week Six

Kids change quick. It’s a good idea to get plenty of footage before they have a growth spurt and look completely different, so we began the week with an additional shoot day to capture a few inserts and montages to be added into the film if necessary. These shots will add to the tone of the film accompanied by our composer’s music.


The day we shot Scene 35, the sun was low in the sky as we covered Peter’s reaction shots, so I reset the scene and reshot the inserts to give us the best coverage possible.


This is an insert that may follow Scene 35.


This next insert will follow Scene 36.



Saturday we shot 4 scenes at the townhome.

gabe011_001 gabe010_001

twoshot001 gabe008_001 lucky002_001 gabe009_001

The doorbell rings. Richard Rudolph has arrived, played by Drew Moore. We see him first through the peephole.


And then we gawk…


As the huge man comes into view.


mason2_001 drew001

meeting001 mason5_001 mason3_001 mason4_001 talk001 meeting002_001 gabe012_001

Sunday we ended the week on Scene 43 and met Uncle Bob, Uncle Troy, and Riley.

hug001 fam001

Michael J. Murphy plays Uncle Bob, Bridget’s brother.


Pavel Tabutov plays Uncle Troy, Bridget’s other brother.


Kotomi Miyashiro plays Bob’s daughter Riley.


bea 4_001


A ton was accomplished in a short amount of time. All the footage looks incredible, and we have lots of coverage. With only 4 production days left, we will be in post before we know it!

See Production for WEEK SEVEN.


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