LUCKY – Week Eight

The last week of Production on Lucky started with a day in the park shooting scenes 25 and 37, which were originally scheduled to shoot on July 20th. This was the only reshoot day we had to use because of rainy weather. We managed to get a bright and sunny day this time around, which helped us capture great coverage!

sam2_001  sam3_001 Peter001

Next we moved to scene 25.


Peter003_001 aiden002_001

lucky001 Peter002_001

aiden001 Peter004_001

sam6_001 aiden003_001 Peter005_001 sam5_001  Peter007_001 sam7_001

I’m excluding images that will give away too much information about the story. I’d rather you learn what happens by watching the film.

Peter006_001 lucky002_001

Next we brought the boys back to the park to flesh out scene 25 on Saturday. When you have a fight scene, it’s best to have a lot of coverage to make it look real and gritty with lots of cuts.

fight002_001 fight001

Sunday was our last shooting day, and we ended production with the last scene of the film.

end001 Peter008_001 lucky006_001 bridget001 Peter010_001 end10_001

Again I am excluding several images because I do not want to give away the ending.


It was a beautiful end to a summer full of shooting. We have a feature in the can and a ton of cutting to do! The wrap party is coming up next week. There will be lots of delicious foods, cupcakes, ice cream, dessert sushi, prizes, gift bags, a DJ, dancing, face painting, and an awards ceremony where Golden Cup Trophies will be handed out to the cast and crew!

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