LUCKY – Week Four

What an exciting week! We shot 10 scenes including transitional B-roll and are well over halfway through with production.

The week started with an emotional scene 36.

 lucky sc36_006_001
 lucky sc36_007_001
lucky sc36_004_001

We were back at the park on Friday for scene 11.

  lucky sc11_007_001
lucky sc11_009_001
lucky sc11_008_001
lucky sc11_006_001
lucky sc11_002_001
lucky sc11_004_001
lucky sc11_003_001
lucky sc11_001
 lucky sc11_005_001
 Saturday we shot Scene 35 with Josh Connor who plays Charlie, Peter’s Dad.
 lucky sc35_001
lucky sc35_002_001 lucky sc35_016_001lucky sc35_004_001 lucky sc35_017_001 lucky sc35_005_001  lucky sc35_018_001 lucky sc35_012_001 lucky sc35_013_001
lucky sc35_011_001 lucky sc35_003_001   lucky sc35_020_001 lucky sc35_033_001
lucky sc35_031_001  lucky sc35_025_001 lucky sc35_007_001 lucky sc35_006_001  lucky sc35_029_001  lucky sc35_009_001 lucky sc35_010_001                lucky sc35_026_001 lucky sc35_027_001 lucky sc35_028_001 lucky sc35_024_001 lucky sc35_030_001
 Sunday we shot 3 scenes: 31, 32 & 33.
 lucky sc31_005_001 lucky sc31_006_001 lucky sc31_004_001
 The kids had a blast for the montage shoot in scene 32! I recommend everyone have a circus party.
lucky sc32a_001_001  lucky sc32_003_001  lucky sc32_005_001 lucky sc32_006_001 lucky sc32_0010_001 lucky sc32_004_001 lucky sc32_007_001 lucky sc32_008_001 lucky sc32_009_001  lucky sc32_0011_001 lucky sc32_0012_001 lucky sc32_0013_001 lucky sc32_0014_001  lucky sc32_0016_001 lucky sc32_0017_001 lucky sc32_0018_001 lucky sc32_0019_001 lucky sc32_0020_001 lucky sc32_0021_001 lucky sc32_0022_001 lucky sc32_0023_001 lucky sc32_0024_001 lucky sc32_0025_001  lucky sc32_001 lucky sc32_0015_001 lucky sc32_002_001
 We completed the day with scene 33.
 lucky sc33_001 lucky sc33_002_001 lucky sc33_003_001 lucky sc33_004_001 lucky sc33_005_001 lucky sc33_006_001
It’s hard to believe we only have 7 production days left! We are swimming in great footage which is such a blessing. There are scheduled reshoot days which will be used to capture more B-roll and possible montages to beef up the emotional content in scenes. We are developing our movie poster to attach to Lucky on IMDB. We are now up on the website. Check it out!
See Production stills from WEEK FIVE.
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