Funding a Feature…

We went to an event today where I spoke with a writer/director of a $3.6 million feature film loaded with A-list talent that is currently all over Cable and is available on Redbox. The project took 3 years of development before it got made, even though the script only took 3 weeks to write. It’s a classic tale of how long it takes to get something made in this town…and it wasn’t even “made” in this town. The film ended up being shot in Louisiana, where you receive a 20% tax credit… which means you get 20% of every dollar spent back in your pocket. It’s reason enough not to shoot a film in California, which is why there is so much runaway production. It begs the question, why is California not offering more incentives for local filmmakers? Recently, there have been signs of improvement, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what other states offer. I love California… I love the mountains, the beach, the palm trees, the climate….This is where I want to shoot all of my projects. I just hope it’s a possibility when the time comes. If not, there are lots of places to go, and I am willing to travel.

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