Cast for Rome 444

We’ve got the leads cast for Rome 444. After having more than 1,000 people apply and seeing several at the audition, we decided on three very talented actors.  Josh Delozier will be playing the role of Nero, Amber Geneva will be playing Queen Camilla, and Gabrielle Pastore will be playing Antonia. This Monday, I check out the location I’m interested in. One scene happens in a prison, the other in slave quarters in 444BC, so we are looking for a dungeon type of room and a bland setting that can be dressed with a pallet and wash bin. I’m talking to a costume coordinator since this is a period piece, and we want it to look authentic. It’s going to look amazing!  This feature is quite ambitious as the budget is in the millions. However, it’s a good story and having something to show investors will be fortuitous.

Justine & Barry is in the hands of a sound mixer at the moment.  Brad will be designing the effects shots as well as finishing up the color correcting. Once that’s done, we can start submitting to festivals and cut a trailer. I really can’t wait to get it out of post. It takes time to get a film looking just right, and even though my patience wears thin, it has paid off because the film is looking so good!

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