It was announced this week that Bob Orci quit Star Trek 3. Bob is a Trekkie, as am I, and I wanted a Trekkie to make Star Trek 3. I tried to think of who would be a good replacement. I worked with several talented directors on my many shows over the years. I’ve been very blessed to learn from some of the greats in this industry…and then it hit me! The perfect person to direct Star Trek 3 should be… Jonathan Frakes. Genius!

I worked with Jonathan a few years ago on Burn Notice. He’s a great director and a hell of a nice guy to boot. Thus #BringInRiker was born. I’m immensely proud of how quickly the campaign has grown- but we’re just getting started.

This is not over until Jonathan Frakes signs to direct Star Trek 3. Today I texted him to let him know the support will be ongoing. He responded in kind to my twitter account.


I’d like to thank everyone for their help and support.
Let’s make it happen!



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