I am holding auditions for my feature film Lone Viking this Wednesday. I have several actors scheduled. Talented actors are a great source of inspiration in my writing. There are people that inspire me strictly by their headshot. That gives them an advantage at the audition that they don’t even know they have.¬†You never know if you are one of that bunch for a producer, so it’s always best to show up. That’s half the battle.

There are so many actors in Los Angeles, and the real test of talent is to meet them in person. I’ve read people and known on the spot whether or not they could pull off a role. Other times you know right away they’re talented, but you’ve got another role in mind for them altogether. That’s how I’ve discovered several of my actors. They didn’t realize that they aced the audition because they never got the role, but months later I contacted them for another role I developed either specifically for them or that I knew would suit them after the fact.

There are over 100 actors scheduled to audition for me this Wednesday. It’s going to be busy and fun. I’m excited to meet all the new talent.

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