Visual Effects…

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.44.06 PMThe visual effects for scene 13 of Lucky are nearing completion, and we still have several more scenes to do. We are delighted with the results so far! Brad designs mostly on Maya and inserts completed shots into the timeline. It’s exciting to see all our work shine with the amazing visuals bringing it to the next level. These are just a few glimpses of our magical tale, about a boy and his stuffed dog who comes to life, starring Gabriel Schreiber and Joshua Stinson.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.44.31 PM


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2017 Update…

The sixth cut of Lucky is underway. We are nearly locked and moving to visual effects. A feature film takes time to perfect, and Lucky is in good hands. The sound design is flawless with composers from all over the world! Check out our latest Video Update, and stay tuned for much more as we continue post.

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Turning Point…

As we complete our feature film Lucky, we are in the scoring phase with temp visual effects. I’m extremely impressed with the sound design Brad has been laying into the film. Currently, we are on scene 13 which is the turning point of the film when Peter discovers that Lucky is not just a toy. It’s a magical scene with several visual effects including lots of bubbles and upbeat music. I love seeing such authentic performances coming from both leads. There’s a lot of laughter and fun, and the film really sings!


10414889_1004027476283887_5509953307417698935_n 1977282_1004027282950573_5961516380024899295_n

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As we’ve been finishing our films, I’ve also been working on a side project about a studly cop (James Freeman) and a mobster’s daughter (Sophie Scarpa).  Although they meet when they’re young after a tragedy befalls young Sophie, they don’t actually fall in love until twenty years later when they encounter each other again. The story unfolds in Miami starting on an opulent yacht at the port where Sophie is being held hostage with her mother. Saved by James’ father, she holds the Freeman family in high regard until James makes his move. The two find themselves in an all out war full of misunderstandings and a heartfelt attraction that blossoms into desire. I love writing about these characters, and I hope to share them with you soon.

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Summer Update

What a busy and productive summer it has been for us her at Blinking Dog Productions. Sound design just began on Lucky which is in its 4th and final cut. We are stringing it out in 9 minutes reels for the color correction phase and still plan to insert Drone b-roll shots and the final visual effects. It’s looking great!

LUCKY Poster2

We have also completed our 45 minute documentary on Model/Actor Lars Slind. Originally we decided to shoot this to promote our attachment to the actor for our feature film Lone Viking still in development. I’m very proud of how the final product turned out. It’s beautiful, informative, and really entertaining. Currently it’s available on Vimeo On Demand, but will also be released on DVD soon with plans to have it on Amazon Prime by years end. I enjoyed putting this documentary together as it was all mostly done by me, and though it took a ton of work, it was extremely creative.

LARS: The Life & Times of a Hollywood Supermodel from blinkingdogproductions on Vimeo.

As this year has been taken up by a feature film and a feature documentary, many of our other projects were put on hold for a time. We may very well have plans to do more reality type programming as it turned out to be amazing. There are so many more topics I would love to delve into as a filmmaker telling people’s stories. We also have many more films in development that are science fiction based, including a trailer which we hope to release by next year that will combine Vanguard with Hide Out as those two films make the perfect match.



VG_1010_Earth Surrounded_HYPERGATES_RGB0240 (00000)






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Lucky Update…

Lucky is on cut 3, and we will begin the final cut 4 by next month. Cut 4 will include sound design and all the visual effects which are currently in development. We are also purchasing a drone this week for overhead shots, so our B-roll transitions will be incredible! Our composers are also amazing, and I’m very excited to hear their score on our film.

We are aiming for a completion date of October, right in time for bullying awareness month. Lucky will be entered in the festival circuit around that time and pitched to our contacts at Lions Gate and elsewhere. We will also reach out to the sponsors again.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the start of production. I know it takes a while to complete, but we want it to look incredible which takes time and patience. The film is looking awesome, and I am very proud of everybody who worked hard last summer!


lucky sc35_031_001 lucky sc31_004_001 10411732_1004027426283892_1130458731183655571_n day97_001 lucky sc35_016_001 gabe007_001 rachel003_001 rachel015_001sam8_001 rachel020_001peter002_001 aiden003_001   peter003_001fight001 mom door004_001 aftermath011_001 sam002_003_001

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Spring News

The second cut of Lucky is nearly done as well as the designs for the visual effects shots. Everything is on schedule and looking really good. We also have many new production stills up on IMDB for Lucky so check them out. You can also leave comments on the message boards.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.49.53 PM

We have a new film up. Catharsis is now available on Amazon DVD and Download, and if you haven’t seen it, now is the time to watch it.


Our first documentary – LARS: The Life & Times of a Hollywood Supermodel will be coming out after heading to the festival circuit.  I’ve been working on the credit sequence and soon we move to the color correcting stage. The doc is fun and interesting as well as visually appealing considering we are covering an extremely hot supermodel. We will be releasing teases over the next few months.


Also, we have a bunch of merchandise up on Cafepress , so you can wear our brand. Here are the twins wearing the Lucky poster to get the word out about this family drama concerning childhood bullying, friendship, family and love.



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Temp Visual Effects

As Brad does the second cut of our feature film Lucky, he is mapping out the visual effects by putting in temp designs as seen in scene 16.


Close-up of nose


Close-up of Sam

Lucky is a whimsical drama with lots of magic. It’s super exciting to see the effects come into play. I can’t wait to share the film with all of you later this year.

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Lucky Tentative TRT

We have a tentative TRT for Lucky. Our rough cut is timed at 94:20, and we still expect to tighten scenes, add B-roll, and add credit beds. The final feature film will most likely time out at 96 minutes. It’s exciting to see the movie come together! ‪We are currently on our second cut of the film. From there, we will continue to tweak and tighten, locking scenes as we move forward. Then we will start the sound design, music and visual effects pass. Once scenes are nearly locked, we will piece together the film, add B-roll for pacing, and tweak the music. There are many steps to take before we are complete, and we are heading in that direction with a strong determination to get our movie finished. I can’t wait for the premiere! #‎Lucky‬ ‪#‎Feature‬ ‪#‎Film‬ ‪#‎Producer‬ ‪#‎Drama‬ ‪#‎Hollywood‬ ‪#‎BlinkingDogPro‬ ‪#‎supportindyfilm‬




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Many of our titles are gearing up to be available this year on Amazon Prime and DVD. The Observer is already available on DVD at CREATESPACE. We will be rereleasing My Confession with a new soundtrack and logos on Amazon Prime and DVD as well as Playground, Catharsis, Elf Boys, The Sphere and a compilation of all the Cole Maddux – C.I.A. Promos and Scenes. We love sharing our content with a wide audience and will have much more coming this year including our first feature LUCKY!

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